Apr 14, 2010

tRy2 la... x rugi pon..

MyLook is the new search engine "owned" by it's users. For each search that a user does through Mylook that user is rewarded with 1 "share" in MyLook. These are not shares that are on a stock exchange but shares as part of the real life game that is MyLook. When dividends are awarded you will receive a real life money payment for each share you hold in MyLook.

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While MyLook has not put advertising on the site to start paying dividends out yet - it is now a great opportunity for users to start building up their shares in MyLook now. Why? Lots of shares are being handed out in the early stages, and it might be gradually more difficult to earn shares later especially when they are paying out dividends monthly. MyLook is a ground floor opportunity to get into a startup, without any financial investment on your behalf - you just simply need to use MyLook.com as a search service.

While it may be more difficult to get shares later on, once you own a share in Mylook it's yours - for good. You will keep getting dividend payments on it for the life of the site, or for as long as you remain an active user of MyLook.

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What is MyLook?

MyLook is an internet search service that rewards its members and returns the proceeds from search engine advertising to the people doing the searching. This is done by users being rewarded with shares in the site, and then dividends are paid to users who hold these shares.

Are they real shares?

No. They are not real shares registered within a financial system. For legal reasons they are referred to as "shares" within the "game" of MyLook.com. However even though they are not real shares, real life payments are awarded based upon the holding of these shares.

Are the shares worth anything?

It is not proposed at this stage to make the shares transferable or salable. However they can be accumulated and "dividends" are paid out to holders of the shares.

How can I get shares?

Doing searches on MyLook.com. Simply sign-up, log in and conduct searches and you will be rewarded with shares. After you accumulate a few shares you will be asked for payment information.

How many shares can I get?

You get 1 share for each search you do, with a maximum possible number of shares being 5 per day. You can do more than 5 searches, however you can only get 5 shares on any single day.

If you keep issuing more shares, does this mean each share is worth less?

As we issue more shares the site and service is also growing, meaning there is more to be divided amongst the shares. Also in time as well as more users there will be more advertisers outbidding each other for web traffic. It's been shown the more advertisers there are on search engines, the higher the average amount paid per click is. This means a higher per click rate multiplied by more users. In summary both the number of shares, and total size and value of the site is growing at the same time. As you yourself accumulate more shares you are getting more shares in a bigger site.


Terhad! Saham Percuma Dari Enjin Carian Baru, MyLook.comSalam hormat ,

Maaf kalau saya mengganggu,
hanya mahu berkongsi sesuatu yang hebat

Mylook satu search engine baru menawarkan anda duit dalam dollar dengan anda hanya menggunakan search engine mereka. Apa yang anda perlu buat hanyalah daftar percuma di sini :


dan menggunakan search engine untuk mencari apa-apa sahaja di internet.


Hanya search di MYLook, anda akan di beri share.
1 search = 1 share = $0.22.

1 hari maksimum 5 keyword search sahaja dibenarkan,
bermakna 1 hari pendapatan minima yang anda boleh jana adalah
$1.10 x 30 hari = $ 33.
memang betul-betul duit free.
tak sampai 5 minit pun anda gunalkan search engine mereka dalam sehari,
anda dah pun boleh dapat $ 1.10

Dan untuk mendapatkan tambahan duit dalam dollar lagi,

anda boleh perkenalkan kepada rakan-rakan anda.

1 orang yang anda refer = 5 share = anda dapat $ 1.10
dan anda akan dpt 20% drpd number of shares rakan yang anda perkenalkan tadi

kita abaikan yang 20% tu.

Katalah setiap hari anda dapat memperkenalkan 5 orang rakan,
anda akan dapat $ 5.50 + $ 1.10 bila anda menggunakan search engine mereka
dalam sebulan anda akan dapat menjana $ 198 dolar = RM 656.77
tanpa mengeluarkan walau sesen pun duit dari poket anda

Saya dan rakan-rakan semua tak akan rugi apa-apa jika mencuba, dan inilah peluang untuk anda mendapatkan
duit percuma macam ni.

Selamat berjaya di Mylook Search Engine.

Gunakanlah Mylook Search Engine sebagai enjin carian anda sambil menjana wang.



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