Oct 18, 2009

Arsenal 3 Birmingham 1

mY loveLy Arsenal have continued their momentum..

tP adoiyai.. leh bolos lak..

tp aku bg kredit to rosicky.. man you stihl have the vision..


Mannone – 6:

Talk of whether he was foulled by Larsson misses the point that it’s his job as a keeper to catch those lobs in his box. Instead, he flapped at it under pressure and cost us a goal. But made up for it with a great touch in the box in the second half that eventually saw a threatening Brum move cleared.

still need xperient...

Eboue – 8:

Had a stormer down the right flank. Ran with a vengeance and purpose at Birmingham, passed well, and crossed well. At times, a magnificent deputy to Bacary Sagna, Eboue had license to attack and did so with genuine menace.

Gallas – 6.5:

Quiet day at the office, generally, but kept the Birmingham forays quiet in the second half. Got forward late on, and at the end of the day, it was job done.

Vermaelen – 7:

Proactive in the tackle and covered well with no mistakes of note. Found himself in scoring space in the second half – naturally, everyone watching was expecting something amazing to happen – but did well enough at the back.

beraksi hebat setakan nie.. ape yg aku leh ckp dia mmg wat defender tenang..

Gibbs – 7:

So far, so good from the young Englishman. Got forward nicely, covered his flank reasonably and hoofed it clear when the situation called for it.

Song – 8:

Is becoming a very, very good player. Covered the backline superbly, and while he is getting praise across the board for his shielding job, it sometimes hides his great mobility in attack. Hit a Cesc-like assist for the opening goal – the pass was a thing of beauty.

Fabregas – 7:

A no-fuss day from the captain. Distributed the ball well to his attacking players, and his grafting was essential to a hard-fought win.

Captain.. passing dia. mmg aku salute ar

Diaby – 8:

Sod the ‘I’m not a fan of Diaby’s out there, this was a wonderful performance from Arsenal’s latest boo-boy. Had the presence of mind to finish for Arsenal’s second goal, tackled well, linked up play, and got back to defend. The exact opposite of the ‘lazy performance’ people insist he gives every week. Good stuff.

Walcott – 5:

Looked dangerous when running at Birmingham’s defence but then got badly injured in a stern Ridgewell tackle. The fact he was able to run a bit more after that hopefully says he won’t be out for too long, but don’t expect him in the next match.

Rosicky – 6:

Had all the right ideas, but couldn’t execute them today. His fancy flicks and passes did not come off as he hoped. Can’t be faulted for not trying, but didn’t have the rub of the green on his side today.

walaupon dah setaun x men still mantap

van Persie – 7:

Finished his goal with aplomb after almost contriving to trip over his own feet. His free kick opportunity from 13cm away from goal sums up his torrid time with free kicks at the moment. But otherwise did the lone-striker role well enough again as he continues to adjust well to the position.

Cantek gak.. tp camner dia leh lps tu..


Arshavin – 6.5:

Came on early for the injured Walcott and had a similar story to Rosicky. Passes went the wrong way or not at all, dribbled with menace but no end product, but the thinking was all there. The international break might have frazzled the finer points today, but was rewarded late on with a typical Andrey goal.

tp ape yg aku suka his gol.. very smart one.. tenang jer..

Sagna – 6:

Gave Rosicky a rest and slotted in at the back with minimum incident. It shored up the defence, effectively ending Birmingham’s brave efforts to equalise.

Wilshere – N/A:

Came on for Eboue very late on.

rase2 x sempat pon sentuh bola...


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