Oct 27, 2009

West Ham 2-2 Arsenal

sEri jEr.. wlaUpoN dah LeaD 2-0...

RugI syiAl..

pAtoT 2-O tu dAh ComPom MnG


kalaU x dAh cOmpOm lEh JoiN mAn U kaT AtaS2 tU.



Mannone : 6.0

( Weak push out for the first goal, The rookie keeper look just what he is today)

aDe kE ade Owg cAkap Dia hEbaT thE neXt dAvId sEamAn konOn..

Still NeEd fOr xpErieNt ar.. LamBat Lg tiMe hG..

Sagna : 7.0

( Crossed for the first goal and was much better going forward this week )

fIRst tIme CroSsiNG yG aGaK caNTik lA.. aCtuAllY dI bAnYAk suPpoRt miDfieLd la..

stiLL neEd to ImProvE kat CrosSing.

Clichy : 6.5

( A decent game )

StiLl mCm BIaSa ImpRovemEnt X De SaNgaT . TaPi sTilL soLId GaMe foR hIm

Gallas : 7.5

( Scored a good header and solid at the back, Back to his best )

A gOoD heAdinG as wEll. hAs goOd contriButiOn wiTh ThOMAs VerMaeLen.

Vermaelem : 7.0

( Did well to control the dangerous Carlton Cole )

noT aT hIs BesT.. buT maKe A grEaT oVeRlaPpinG..

His caLm & PasSioN sTilL bE thE fAcToR.

Song : 6.0

( Giveaway the pen, Looked clumsy and didn’t need to tackle in the box with the player going away from goal )

fiRst haLf bYk bUat pAsSing2 yanG aGk meNarIk.. Tp 2nD hAlF cAm sYiaL la..

bAyk Wat FoUL2 bOdOh..

Diaby : 5-5

( Gave away the freekick outside the box from which the first goal came from and overall a poor game, Again )

bAnyK bUat bEnDe bOdOh.. cAmnE la WenGer LeH cAyE kaT dIa.

nO mOre DiAby pAsNi.

Arshavin : 6.5

( Not his best game )

macAm bIasA x bAyk yG bLeh cOmmEn.. tP bYk gaK trY..

caNtIk2 PlaK

Van Persie : 7.5

( Scored again but should of won the game in the last min with a free header that was saved by Greeen )

thE besT pLayeR on tHe pItch koT.

Cesc : 7.0

( Didn’t have a great game apart from one long range shot didn’t do anything of note )

xbYk tlG kaT atTacKInG.. bYk dEfeNsiVe siDe.. nEveR loOk ConFiDenT sGt

Eboue : 6.5

( Showed some good pace but wasteful with the ball )

bAik La.. tP x bAnYak yG diA conTribUte dLm gAmE niE


Fateh Aiman bin Samhudi Kamil said...

wakakaka...pelan2 kayuh ha arsengal...banyak lagi yang kene ngejah utk jadi king of london...wakakaa

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